Our Team

Award Winning Team

For the same budget as hiring an in-house staff member, you can hire the entire Erickson Group team.

Experiences matter. Those of your audience, and those of the agency you hire to create them. Erickson Group is comprised of senior creative professionals who bring decades of collective expertise to branding, advertising and online marketing. We work together to craft memorable, branded experiences that capture your audience’s attention and leave indelible impressions.

It is our passion and why we came together. Another passion? Coffee. And donuts. We can’t get through a team meeting without at least one thing from Tim Horton’s. Ok, several things.



With a passion for excellence, Eric guides the company using one simple philosophy: make every client feel like they are our only client. A creative at heart, Eric oversees all aspects of the company to ensure we’re delivering on our promise of “extraordinary”


Web Guru

James remembers when FrontPage was the next big thing, and he brings those years of online development experience to the table.  When he’s not at the gym doing a half ton leg press he’s on the laptop deep in code.


Sr. Copywriter

Kelsey loves helping people tell their story. Passionate about lifestyle, travel and entrepreneurship – her words flow into elegant stories that propel brands forward.



Mike is a video specialist with 7 years experience helping brands and businesses solve problems and tell stories with video content.


Project Manager

Krystal is everyone’s favorite Project Manager. Most of her meetings end with a hug and her accute organization is the stuff of legend. Oh, and she’s an amazing photographer too, so you may just see her behind the lens making everyone look their best!



When he’s not shooting on location on a tropical island, Ed is our image expert. Photo, video and even aerial imagery are all his passions. His 20 years of photography experience shine through in all of his captivating work.

Darren Morrison

Business Development

Darren has been in sales most of his professional career. As the outside voice of the company he keeps referring to them as “meetings” when we know it’s just another round of golf.


Exceptional Canine

Hattie is one smart cookie!  Ask her what’s on a tree, she’ll tell you, “BARK!”  Ask her what’s on a house, without skipping a beat she’ll say, “ROOF!”

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