Open Range Case Study

Open Range: All new logo

With a desire to grow into the Eastern Canadian market as well as the highly competitive US retail market, Open Range identified the need for a company re-brand in order to showcase their world-class product with a world-class, customer-centric brand. The first step was an all-new logo that had mass market appeal.

Open Range: Re-imagined website

The brand also needed an all new website designed to reflect the values of the company - to treat your dog well, naturally. The simplified layout allows for a premium user experience and powerful visuals reinforce the amazing bond between dogs and owners who love them.

Open Range: Retail Packaging

To compete in the ultra-competitive pet retail market, Open Range needed flexible and eye catching packaging. Using a color-coded approach to define each specific product helps customers make informed buying decisions while the brand tone remains consistent across all products.

Open Range: Advertising Campaigns

A thorough advertising and brand awareness campaign served as the official launch of the brand. This included several global tradeshows, mass email marketing, industry advertising, retail collateral - all aimed at introducing the Open Range story and brand to all new markets.

Open Range: Summary

With a 15-month re-brand now on retail shelves Open Range is experiencing substantial revenue growth. The team effort to research, plan, develop and execute a global re-brand across all retail channels proved to be a highly rewarding journey and the best part is, it's just getting started!