Furniture Extreme Case Study

Furniture Extreme: Logo Refresh

Furniture Extreme has always put their customers first. From the everyday low  prices, to the comfortable no-pressure sales floor - it's all about a premiere shopping experience. With a logo and brand refresh, we now have the foundation to reach even more customers.

Furniture Extreme: Refreshed Marketing & Advertising

With a successful logo refresh complete, we turned to the abundance of marketing collateral. We paired simplified copy messaging with high impact visuals and the overall design language now appealed to a wider demographic of buyers.

Furniture Extreme: Business Collateral

A memorable business card is the hallmark of all great sales folks. We ensured the new Furniture Extreme cards - and all their business collateral - was crafted to reflected the high quality furniture they sell. A true extension of the refreshed brand.

Furniture Extreme: e-commerce website

With over 7000 items for sale, it's no easy task to roll out e-commerce. With a true team approach, we had everyone from designers, to UX experts, to software developers to html programmers on board for this one. The result is a seamless online shopping experience for customers across the country.

Furniture Extreme: Summary

In only 2 years, sales have doubled and the refreshed brand for Furniture Extreme is poised to be the foundation for even more future growth. As many furniture retailers close their doors, Furniture Extreme has developed an incredible reputation and customer loyalty.